May 27, 2020

VR technology

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VR technology — is something that not only strikes the imagination and excites the minds of the planet with its technological advantages and versatility of application but also saves your time, money and helps your business, regardless of industry, develop, find new customers by increasing their involvement in your product or service through visibility and clarity.

The idea of treating VR as a kind of entertainment only is quite deceptive. Let me prove and explain why.

VR- is an opportunity to simplify some stages of business management, such as the development and test drive of a new product and also its introduction and advertising on the market.

Just only imagine that your client will be able to see how his apartment is going to look like even before the beginning of the construction , not just a project, drawn on a paper or a detailed story about all the benefits of that apartment. He can take a tour around his future dwelling, explore all the angles and see which kind of tile he will have in the bathroom, let me remind you, without the expenses for all the necessary materials and the money spent on the salary of builders, only with the help of virtual reality technology.

To make it more clear, I’d like to acquaint you with VR capabilities that have already helped, are helping and will help representatives of completely different branches of businesses.

—Architecture & Design

VR technology - VR technology

In architecture and design VR helps to present objects in conditions as close to reality as possible. The technology protects against the loss of money that could have been spent correcting mistakes, but had been prevented in the project even before the construction began. We should mention the saving of time on the development of layouts, which is carried out by the project team. The customer can view the project with virtual reality glasses and make sure that it corresponds to all the requirements.

The Architecture can use the following virtual reality tools:

1) VR headset – these are the devices, that help to view and get acquainted with virtual objects that have been replaced by physical objects, as in the example with the apartment. These include: VR glasses, which were used, for instance, by architect Jeffrey Pineiro in the design of the hospital.

In addition to VR headset, virtual reality gloves are also actively used. They provide you with tactile response from interaction with virtual reality.

2) Projection VR systems – are a simplified form of virtual reality rooms, which is suitable for presenting the project to a group of people.

3) A virtual reality room (Cave-system) is a space that provides a visual example, even for people without spatial thinking, such as lawyers, to familiarize themselves with the project and look at it with their own eyes.

4) Virtual holographic models are indispensable items at exit exhibitions of building companies’ representatives. There’ll be no need to carry bulky three-dimensional layouts in bothering not to damage them any longer.

5) 3D photogrammetry is a technology that allows to obtain a digital model of the building by photo and to estimate the scope of work, for example, on reconstruction or on stages of construction.

— Education

The education industry is also greatly interested in virtual reality technology, no less than the architecture industry is. This is related to the possibility of simplifying the process of educating and training of such professions as a pilot, a navigational officer on a vessel, a high-speed train -driver and even a surgeon.

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All of us are guessing how pricy it is to create simulation training centers for the control of ships, aircrafts, trains, etc. So why make life harder for yourself?

unnamed - VR technology

A competent team of VR specialists will develop a training center based on virtual reality technology much faster than it will be built in real life. And ,of course, we must not forget the substantial savings from the absence of design and construction costs.

And after all, the most important essence remains, the profession is learned by a man, only taking into account the rationality of the learning process itself.


Virtual reality systems are actively used in the field of medicine. The doctor ‘s perception of three-dimensional information about a patient (tomography, 3D data of X-ray machines, ultrasound, etc.) allows to improve and optimize the quality and operation of medical personnel.

Interactive models and organ reconstruction are used for training in surgery.

The creation of training simulators based on virtual reality technology allows to improve the quality of training of doctors and reduce the number of medical faults.

Also, with VR, it is possible to model any medical instrument (eg. a scalpel) using a control and tracking system (virtual gloves) modeling tactile sensations.

With the help of specialized software, doctors can develop models of individual prostheses based on patient scanning.

And of course, we can’t but mention, that many complex operations (plastic surgery) require careful work and preliminary modeling of the actions of a doctor.

Medical simulators allow you to visualize the entire process of the operation in advance, identify difficult places and prepare for various scenarios.

In conclusion, from all the above, we understand that the expression- “VR is almost an integral part of marketing in business. It is the technology that allows not to optimize, but to improve the quality of work of employees of many spheres ” is not from the distant future. This is a real technological breakthrough that should immediately be included in our professional life.

Finally, we will talk about “not professional” life.

Naturally VR is a technology that is known mostly as entertainment. It is actively used by big gaming companies to immerse their users in a particular universe of the game, which causes almost 100% of users not to remain indifferent. After all, they feel their full participation and presence in the process which was unknown before, it cannot but impress.

For example, not so long ago, on March 23, 2020 there was a BOOM in the market of the gaming industry. Valve company released the game Half-Life: Alyx, which is hugely popular among middle-aged men around the world. The company announced the release of a new version of the game after 16 years, developed for VR, which triggered a shortage of VR helmets around the world, thousands of people were interested to try this game in such an unusual format for them.

Isn ‘t that WOW? All I can say about this is that the old idea in the merger with the new technology gave both huge pleasure to fans and no less huge profit to developers.

In conclusion, I want to tell you an interesting fact. A man, named Enzo Bonito, played racing simulation for a long time and was a cyber sports player in this field. He became interested in whether he would be able to try out in the same field of racing, but in real life. After just a year at Formula-1 (2019), he was able to defeat professional driver Lucas di Grassi with experience in decades, while the cyber sports player was only 23 years old. Whether this is a developed experience on the simulation of races based on VR technology only remains to be guessed, but the fact remains. VR- is a universal system of development in modern society, which is just beginning to gain momentum in the world of technology and development.

Thank you for your attention.

Think about how your life can change with the appearance of virtual reality technology.