Jan 23, 2020

How to understand that you and app development company will do a good job

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Finding a good app development company is a large percentage of the success of a future mobile application. You transmit all the stages of developing your idea to this team, so it is very important to trust the company. The company’s site was convincing enough, but how to understand whether the work with the agency will go on correctly at the stage of the project discussion? Let’s talk about 3 mandatory points that good companies include in their work and how it’s happening in MDM.

App development contract

A contract with an app development company is an integral part of the cooperation. This is a document that governs the responsibilities of both sides and the services that the company provides. It will insure your intellectual property and protect you legally. We advise you not to agree to cooperate without signing documents to avoid the fraud. 

The standard contract always includes a services list and technical task. The latter often comprises:

  • Front-end – visual part of the app;
  • Back-end – functions, structure, the interaction of elements;
  • Testing – before the release, you need to test an app and debugging it;
  • Release – the finished product.
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How we do it in MDM

At MDM, we appreciate an individual approach to everyone. Usually, preparation for mobile application development occurs in 3 stages, which takes 3 weeks:

  • Negotiations – first week;
  • Commercial offer – second week;
  • The signing of the contract and the approval of the terms of reference – third week.

Depending on the project, the time may vary to devote as much time to each item of preparation for development as is necessary.

Project management methodology

Project management methodology is a way to effectively organize the workflow. This is extremely important because the chosen methodology will determine how your project will work, and the team will communicate. There are 3 main project management methodologies.


This is a way to conduct a project and report on team success. This is a whole set of 12 values and approaches. Shortly, the main idea – the circumstances affecting the project are extremely unpredictable, the team needs to be able to adapt in time to changing situations. So the customer can revise and edit requirements at any stage of application development. Also, following Agile’s philosophy, team performance is measured by an off-the-shelf working solution and personal communication is the most productive way.

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Frame 2 3 1024x341 - How to understand that you and app development company will do a good job


The Waterfall is based on the principle of consistent development. The goal is achieved through the gradual execution of tasks, starting from analysis to release and support. The advantage of the Waterfall is the clarity and consistency of actions. The feature is that it is possible to introduce new functionality only after completion of all work, which can take much time.

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This is a project management method in which work is divided into sprints – fixed periods for which the team provides a work product. Usually, such sprints last from two weeks to a month. During its existence, Scrum has gained immense popularity and is used by development teams in both small and large companies.

If the company doesn’t offer options for organizing application development, it is worth considering its competence.

How we work on MDM

MDM is a small company, so our main advantage is flexibility. We individually select a methodology depending on the goals of each project. It is important to offer an individual approach that will bring better results, and not just work according to one scheme.

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Application support and maintenance is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and retain customers. This can be achieved through continuous updates, improved user experience, and increased security. This point is important because no one knows your application better than those who worked on its creation.

Usually, after a release, app development companies offer free and paid support. The term for the provision of services may be different for each company. Free support includes the technical parts of the application, for which the company gives a guarantee of proper operation. Paid support includes working with user comments, maintaining the server as well as adding new functionality after releasing.

Support in MDM

We work according to the scheme described above. Our customers can count on free application support for six months after release.


It is crucial to choose app developers who provide a full package of services and are ready for official cooperation. It’s not so simple because the IT industry is growing rapidly. Now you know essential tips, so you can find a company to develop your application, which will suit every stage of creation with all the professionalism.