Apr 6, 2020

How to create a quotes app like Canva

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Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you have probably seen many beautiful photos with quotes. Such posts have a lot of likes, people want to share similar content. They can inspire, motivate subscribers, share life wisdom, and also make your profile on social networks special. 

To create your own quotes, you don’t need to be a designer, because there are many applications for creating quotes. They are very popular and can be a great idea for your first app. We’ll tell you how to create a quote application using the example of one of the most popular services Canva. 

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What is Canva

Canva is an online editor for creating designs using ready-made templates. The service has a convenient mobile application for iOS and Android, which has become very popular among users of social networks. Canva allows to solve many problems in literally two clicks: make an inscription, combine a photo, fit the image to the desired social network size.

Is creating such an application relevant

With the growing popularity of social networks, the demand for high-quality applications and photo editing tools is growing exponentially. More than 350 million posts are posted on Facebook every day, and over 95 million on Instagram. Of course, people need convenient apps that in a few minutes will allow them to create original content for the page. Therefore, quotes apps are a promising niche.

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Why this service is so popular

Many bloggers and just users of social networks are delighted with this application for quotes and creating photos. Let’s look at the main advantages of the service, which also must be added to your future app.

You can create quotes anywhere, anytime.

A mobile application is the most convenient option for users. Creating photos and quotes without being tied to a computer is what you need. After all, you can photograph a beautiful sunset right on the spot and add a phrase that occurred to you when you saw a beautiful landscape in minutes.


Users don’t need to understand the intricacies of using graphic editors for a long time. According to the official Canva website, learning takes only 23 seconds. The app provides easy-to-use templates for beginners so that everyone can create unique content.

Huge library

Canva is the first photo editing and quotes creation app to offer more than 3 million images to choose from. Just choose a background and add text — a piece of cake. Of course, you can upload your images from the gallery. Don’t forget to add access to the camera and gallery in your app.

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Service is free

The Canva application is absolutely free and doesn’t limit the ability to work with content. But users can also buy premium templates and images for $1.

You can share content on social networks 

After creating quotes and photos, you can directly share them on your favorite social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram. Also, directly from the app, photos can be published on your website, saved to your device or shared with friends by mail, message or WhatsApp.

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What features must be in your app

Before you think about the cost of a future application, you need to decide on the basic functions. Here are the main features and screens that a successful quote application should have:

  1. Instruction. Tell users how to work with the app with the first screens.
  2. Login. The ability to create a new account or enter an existing one. There should be login and password fields. Also give users different ways of registration: mail, phone number, social networks.
  3. Categories and image filtering.
  4. Ability to save designs.
  5. Help. Chat for online support.
  6. Image customization screen. Create your original workspace with the help of a designer or take popular applications as a basis.
  7. Editing design by layers.
  8. The opacity of layers and elements.
  9. Adding text. As well as popular fonts.
  10. Adding a photo. From a gallery or library. You also need the ability to take a photo in real-time.
  11. Collage. Social network users love to post collages from their photos.
  12. Adding graphics.
  13. Text editing.
  14. The ability to share a quote or photo in social networks and instant messengers.
  15. Make ready-made formats for different social networks.
  16. Push notifications. This is a must-have for every application. Notifications inform users about news and help bring them back to the app.
  17. Rating and feedback. Your app will only get better with user ratings and feedback.

We have listed the main functions, but you should give users unique features that no one else has. To do this, you need to analyze competitors and make your project better.

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How much does it cost to develop an app like Canva?

The approximate cost of creating a successful quote and photo editing application such as Canva with basic features is around $ 14,200. Of course, with the addition of special functions, the cost will increase.

Also, the price tag depends on the developers. You can create a team of freelancers yourself on a remote basis, or work with an app development company. Platforms are another important point on which the cost of the application will depend. To please users of various devices, it is better to think about cross-platform development.

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To summarize

While each of us uses social networks every day, there will always be a demand for unique and unusual content. This means that a new convenient application for simple and quick creation of quotes or photo editing can successfully enter the mobile development market. The audience for such applications is very wide, so the project can gain popularity in the shortest possible time. Start with analytics and the choice of functions, because competent planning is the key to the success of any startup.