Now it’s impossible to find a person who doesn’t know about the COVID-19 virus or, as it is also called, “Coronavirus”. Many countries are now in quarantine, an emergency situation has been introduced in cities, and this has affected many areas of our lives: from leisure to work. The IT sphere has always been rapidly […]

Start-ups have conquered the world! A non-standard mind and ambitiousness lead people to look for new solutions that will make everyone’s life better. We all know the famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter, which also started as start-ups. So, maybe your idea is the next TOP mobile app that brings you money and success? […]

You want to tell users about a lot: updates, new promotions, activities. But how to communicate with users of your application and do it unobtrusively? Push notifications are a great way to make it. In this article, we will talk about what it is, why your application can not work without notifications. What are Push […]