VR technology — is something that not only strikes the imagination and excites the minds of the planet with its technological advantages and versatility of application but also saves your time, money and helps your business, regardless of industry, develop, find new customers by increasing their involvement in your product or service through visibility and […]

When the application is ready and tested, it’s time to present it to users. Of course, it is worth downloading to the app stores so that many people install and evaluate the app. But how to attract the attention of potential users? After all, the competition is so high. Only on Google Play, you have […]

Looking through the app stores, we don’t know what design and functions the applications have. The first thing we see is their icons. These are small pictures representing the application on Google Play or the App Store, and on the user’s device. This detail seems very small but plays an important role in attracting the […]

People at a glance decide whether they like the application or not. And it only takes a few seconds. Of course, everything here is based on visual representation, so you need to immediately convince the user of the attractiveness of the download. Good screenshots of your project are crucial for success. It is with them […]

Although web design is definitely a creative field, but there are rules for everything, and experts should follow them. The creation of prototypes, applications, sites and in general the work of designers is also standardized. This was done by the International Organization for Standardization or ISO. Today we look at the basic design standards that […]

The mobile application market continues to break already impressive records. Undoubtedly, almost every business needs a mobile app to increase customer loyalty and promote services. Having decided to create their own apps, many customers are surprised at the high development cost. A finished project has much more to do than just code and visuals. Let’s […]

A smartphone is our constant companion. It is with us everywhere 24/7: at work, studying, walking or meeting friends. Here are some interesting statistics. Referring to a 2019 study, every U.S. citizen spends an average of 3 hours 10 minutes a day using his phone. About 90% of this time falls on applications. Mobile apps […]

Design is an important component of any website and app. This is an entire ecosystem, the creation of which requires convenient tools. When working with our projects, MDM designers use the Figma service for prototyping and development. In this article, you will find out what this service is and what you can do with it. […]

Technology doesn’t stand still. A hundred years ago, people ran out of cinemas when a train from the Lumiere brothers’ movie rode on them. And now, with the help of virtual reality glasses, we are immersing ourselves in a completely new virtual environment. VR is a world created by technologies, which a person feels through […]

Almost all modern applications have built-in payment gateways. They allow us to buy new features in games, make purchases online, book hotels and tickets, etc. This is an important feature for any application, and you need to choose the best option. Users need convenience and ease of purchase, and transactions should be carried out as […]