Games are a favorite pastime for many regardless of age. Smartphones have given us the opportunity to play anytime, wherever we are. The mobile games market is huge now and almost everyone will find suitable options for themselves to take their free time. Surely many people dream of creating their own mobile game. Today we […]

A couple of decades ago, people learned the news from newspapers, then with the advent of television — from the news release. With the development of technology, news has become available 24/7. Today, to keep abreast of events that occur in the world, country or city, a mobile phone with a news application is enough. […]

Cross-platform development is the best solution for a new app because it significantly speeds up the release time and allows you to attract the owners of different devices. There are many frameworks that are suitable for both iOS and Android. We at MDM work with the popular React Native and are happy to tell you […]

If you decide to create an application for the Android platform, most likely you will immediately remember the Java programming language, which is often used to write code. However, this is not the only option. Among developers for Android, the Kotlin language is also popular. Who invented it? What are its advantages? We will talk […]

The demand for the development of mobile applications grew in 2020 to $189 billion. Considering that in the USA more than 65% of smartphones work on iOS, it is worth choosing this platform. When creating an application, you will come across a choice of the programming language. The best option is the native Swift language, […]

Augmented Reality or AR is a new technology that brings unrealistic 3D objects to our real world. For a person, they become part of the environment, just use a headset. The line between reality and artificially created is simply erased. We are not talking about the future at all, this is our present. Masks for […]

Augmented reality apps and games are a fun way to spend time. Game developers, using AR-technologies, try to immerse users into the game as much as possible, supplementing the physical world with virtual objects. Thus, we can get a new gaming experience by interacting at once on two levels: virtual and real. Surely many gamers […]

Unlike virtual reality, in an augmented reality system, users can see 3D objects and the real world at the same time. AR’s goal is to lay virtual models in the real world to improve it. In this case, you need to do this naturally as u can. Occlusion is a method that helps make the […]

We continue a series of articles on the topic of AR-development. At this stage, our AR device has determined its location, planes, environment map, camera position, and other parameters. Now we move on to building a 3D scene using any engine, starting to render models. In this article, we will talk about what rendering is […]

The main task of any AR device is to correctly determine the user’s position relative to objects and determine these objects in space. This exactly creates the feeling that everything that happens is real. The position is calculated using tracking technology. Today we will analyze in detail all the nuances of its work. What is […]