We spend every day with gadgets on our hands, so a good application for the company is a must. Every app starts with an idea, but is implemented using a powerful technical part. It’s more effective for business when the app suits a few platforms. To choose the best option for your business, today we […]

The world of virtual reality is fascinating and exciting. It gives new sensations and opportunities for perception, providing users with an absolutely unique experience. According to research, VR development has significant potential. By 2023, the global market value of virtual reality is expected to reach $ 49.7 billion. Therefore, if you are thinking of creating […]

The development of any application is always a big investment in the project, a lot of wasted time and effort spent. Having done such a huge work, each creator wants to receive from the application. In the world of mobile development, money comes from popular projects that users like. Let’s see what aspects you need […]

In many schools and universities, gadgets are prohibited, perceived as something cheating and distracting attention. However, this is not at all true. Each student and an adult can use a smartphone as a great way to learn a variety of things. There are many educational apps.  Diksha is the top learning platform from India, which […]

The cryptocurrency industry is gaining more and more popularity, and at the same time, new ways of storing cryptocurrencies appear. Ideally, if access to Bitcoin is as simple as possible and cryptocurrency can be used at any time. Bitcoin’s mobile wallets are now in demand. Their main convenience is the lack of the need to […]

How many messengers are installed on your smartphone right now? According to statistics, each user has 2-5 instant messengers. All of them are used to one degree or another. The mobile app market is booming. According to forecasts, the number of messenger users by 2021 will amount to almost two and a half billion, and […]

The type of mobile application is an important choice for developers. After all, it determines a lot: platforms, tools, the necessary team, cost. Choosing the type of application is based on your goals and ideas. Today we will take a closer look at the features of developing native mobile applications. What is native app Native […]

Mobile commerce is growing every year. Therefore, many owners of online stores regard mobile applications as an alternative sales channel to increase profits and strengthen their brand in the market. Mobile e-commerce application helps to solve many business problems, however, development is not an easy task. Find out how to create your app and how […]

No doubt podcasts are a popular topic right now. Well-known streaming/hosting services such as iTunes and Spotify are in demand among podcast lovers, but there are also special applications that are also useful. If you are recording podcasts yourself or want to create a popular service, your own app is a great idea. In this […]

Scrolling through your Instagram feed, you have probably seen many beautiful photos with quotes. Such posts have a lot of likes, people want to share similar content. They can inspire, motivate subscribers, share life wisdom, and also make your profile on social networks special.  To create your own quotes, you don’t need to be a […]